A video from May Day protests nationwide has been making the rounds this week. In it, a driver of a Dodge Ram truck towing a trailer forges through a crowd in the street outside the county jail in Durham, N.C., as several orange-vested protest "safety officers" attempt to stop him.

In the video, the truck moves slowly but steadily forward through the crowd. At least one protester hits the truck with a sign. Once the driver's clear, he takes off in a bit of a huff.

The protesters, and those sympathetic to them, have been saying this week that the driver put their lives at risk. "There were kids there. There were people with different mobilities that weren't able to run and pick up and move," protester Christine Hawn said. However, no children are seen in the video.

Others who are perhaps less sympathetic to their cause point out that the protesters did not have a license to march and were not supposed to be in the street.

The driver, Joshua Melocik, spoke with CBS North Carolina later in the week: "After 20 years in the military, I support people exercising their freedoms as long as they don't infringe on the rights of others.

"There was nobody who had an inability to leave the path of the vehicle at the speed I was traveling," he said. "Their attempt to cry foul in saying there were children or people with immobility issues was a blatant lie."

You can see both sides of the issue. And one would think that traffic laws stipulating pedestrians always have right-of-way would play some role in the matter, but maybe that's not the law in North Carolina. Backing up and going elsewhere might also have been an option. The bottom line: Police declined to cite Melocik.

What do you think?

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