Almost-instant: Karma Reveros will arrive at dealers this month

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Customers waiting to get their hands on a Karma Revero won't have long to wait. Motor1 and InsideEVs reported today that Karma Automotive would begin shipping production cars toward the end of the month. We called a representative at Karma to confirm, and indeed, customer cars are coming to dealers in a few weeks. He said the first cars are being shipped out based on customer orders. They will arrive at dealers, and the dealers will hand off the cars to their respective buyers.

As a quick refresher, the Karma Revero is the revised continuation of the ill-fated Fisker Karma plug-in hybrid. Inside and out, it's mostly like the original Fisker version, down to the 260-horsepower GM turbo four-cylinder engine, but a slightly bigger battery boosts electric range to 50 miles. It also supports DC fast-charging, and it has a solar roof that can generate enough power to add 1.5 miles of range in the right conditions.

The various improvements also brought a higher price than the old Fisker. The Fisker went for just over $100,000, whereas the Karma Revero has a base price of $131,400. Of course, that price can increase based on options. Based on the car configurator at the Karma website, most of those options consist of different paint, interior, and wheel selections. The configurator also ties those color choices to environments, and you pick the one that "moves you." It's interesting, at least. And if you're configuring a car to buy, you can now rest assured that cars really will reach customers.

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