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Jay Leno drives a BMW 2002 with an E30 M3 engine

On this episode of Jay Leno's Garage, Leno takes a look at yet another engine-swapped compact Bimmer. As it so happens, it's another M3-powered car. It's a 1976 2002 built by Marc Norris of Bavarian Workshop, and it has a naturally aspirated four-cylinder from the original E30 M3. As Leno mentions, the 230 horsepower the M3 engine makes is roughly double what the 2002 would have made originally. Norris has taken steps to accommodate the extra power, though. Bolt-on flares from the 2002 Turbo cover wider Alpina wheels. Behind those wheels are big Wilwood disc brakes, and a five-speed transmission backs the new engine.

Despite the major mechanical changes, this 2002 is extremely subtle. Body modifications are pretty much limited to those fender flares, a front chin spoiler, Euro-spec rear bumper, and a custom M2 badge. Inside is the same. A tasteful navy blue carpeting was selected, and the front seats are Recaros from a later 320i. The only glaringly obvious change to the interior is the Alpine head unit in the center stack, and even that isn't too shabby.

Leno has nothing but good things to say about the driving experience, too. He gushes about the visibility, the comfort of the seats, and the five-speed transmission. He even enjoys the exhaust note, which Norris thinks is a bit loud. We would agree with Norris, since it sounds a bit noisy and buzzy to us. Yet, the exhaust still has some good snarl, and you can make out a bit of gargling growl sounds from the intake. Check out all the details in the video above.

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