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Next Ford Shelby GT500 spied with big wheels and wide tires

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When we last saw Ford testing the Shelby GT500, it was basically a GT350R with a covered up nose. This time, the GT500 has ditched the GT350R wing and donned much more camouflage. So much, that Ford is clearly hiding something interesting. Even the wheels have covers over them. However, Ford didn't manage to cover up the tire sidewalls, and some interesting information lies there.

Our intrepid spy photographer was quick enough to grab decent shots of the lettering on the tires. What they reveal is that this Shelby is rocking 20-inch wheels up front with 305-mm tires. Those familiar with the GT350 will know it uses 19-inch wheels, both in standard and GT350R trim. If you look up tire sizes for both models, you'll also find that the normal GT350 uses smaller 295-mm tires up front, and the GT350R has 305-mm tires. We don't think this is a just special GT350R either, since the wing is absent, as is the extra-deep front splitter.

Aside from the tires, there isn't much more we can discern from the photos. What we can see through the camouflage seems to show roughly the same front and rear bumpers as the current GT350. However, there are probably small tweaks to them to put the styling in line with the refreshed 2018 Mustang. As for when the GT500 will make its debut, we would expect no sooner than the next Detroit auto show.

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