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Sell-it-yourself: 2014 Mini Cooper S

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There are few things more immediate in modern motoring than the Mini Cooper S. Fiat's 500 Abarth may come close, but the Abarth's smaller footprint makes it more one-dimensional. The Cooper S brings you two dimensions: fun – and more fun.

With each redesign the Cooper hardtop grows larger, but this remains a tidy size for those navigating urban or suburban sprawl. And with the higher horsepower of the Cooper S engine connected to its standard six-speed manual, you'll never want for acceleration or reasonably relaxed cruising. Fuel efficiency is mainly dictated by your right foot.

Our for-sale Cooper S with 24,000 miles looks to be in clean condition. Value guides suggest the price is slightly below what a private seller would ask and well below the retail at a dealership. With a clean Carfax and pre-purchase inspection, this is huge fun for relatively little money. Check out the listing for yourself here.

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