Driving in India – where traffic laws are more like suggestions – can sometimes be a full contact sport. A recent viral video has ratcheted up the crazy: It shows two buses packed with passengers, locked in a strange and dangerous street race.

According to NDTV, a motorcyclist in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu was traveling along the Coimbatore-Pollachi highway and trailed two privately owned buses loaded with passengers racing one another. As the buses jockeyed for position, they drove in the wrong lane, weaved in and out of traffic, drove off the road onto the shoulder, and performed numerous other acts of reckless stupidity. Unfortunately for the bus drivers, the motorcyclist's helmet cam recorded their antics.

Once the motorcyclist posted the video online, it wasn't long before it came to the attention of local officials, who sprang into surprisingly quick action to punish the crazy drivers by suspending their licenses.

"Construction work is on in this stretch of the road, and we have warned the bus owners that they will lose their permit if rash driving continues. We had seized licenses of three drivers earlier for the same offense," Gayatri Krishnan, a district official at Pollachi, told NDTV. She also stated that more road transport inspectors would be assigned to local highways to crack down on traffic violators.

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