A young woman is lucky to be alive after she was pulled from the burning wreckage of a car in New Hampshire by a good Samaritan.

According to Boston 25, Mandi Whittaker of Windham, NH, was asleep on the evening of April 23 when a crash outside roused her. When she looked outside, she saw a car on fire in the street with a man standing beside it. She took out her phone to film the scene, but suddenly noticed someone trapped in the car's passenger seat. That's when she leaped into action.

"I was sleeping on the couch here [and] heard the crash," Whittaker told Boston 25. "I could see the flames coming up over the house over there. I saw the guy standing at the door, six-foot flames, and he wasn't doing anything."

Whittaker ran out of her house to help. The driver, Nicolas Conte, was dazed beside the car, so Wittaker whipped open the passenger door and pulled the injured passenger to safety.

"She wasn't responding, looked like her legs were crushed or something. I didn't know, so I grabbed her," Whitaker said.

Both Conte and his unidentified passenger were taken to Boston hospitals. Conte was charged with felony DUI in connection with the crash.

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