Hello there! A few weeks back we relaunched the site with a new design, and we removed comments. Today, they are back, with a new system that will allow better moderation and tools like email notifications.

You may be wondering why we shut down comments in the first place. Put simply, the old commenting system wasn't a positive environment, and it was difficult for us to stay on top of off-topic or even hateful posts. With that in mind, we're hoping the conversations in the new Autoblog comments system will reflect the conversations car nuts like you (and the Autoblog staff) have in real life - passionate, respectful, and peppered with the occasional Rick and Morty joke. The new comments allow you to set email notifications, so you'll get a note when someone replies to your thread. That, and our new moderation tools will do a lot to make sure the new comments community thrives.

The comments are in the same place you last found them, at the bottom of the page. You can also click on the comments logo (circled in red, above) at the top of the post to jump straight there.

Once you're down in the comments area, note the "Edit Display Name" and "Sign In/Sign Out" links at the top of the conversation. Slightly lower you'll see your name again with an arrow. Clicking on that opens a drop-down menu where you can check out your profile and change your notification settings. And if you click on a username in a comment, it shows you that person's recent activity. As before, you can give up and down votes to individual comments.

That's all for now, but we have more updates on the way that we hope you'll enjoy.

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