Cheese truck burns, Wisconsin mourns

20,000 pounds of cheese, all gone forever.

A terrible tragedy befell the state of Wisconsin this week when a big-rig hauling 20,000 pounds of cheese burned to the ground in a Milwaukee area parking lot.

According to WTMJ, a semi-truck hauling thousands of bags of shredded cheese was cruising along Highway 100 near National Ave. in West Allis, a suburb of Milwaukee, when the vehicle's brakes burst into flames. Thinking fast, the driver pulled off the highway and into an Office Max parking lot where he tried to put the fire out himself. The fire quickly engulfed the trailer thanks to the extremely flammable nature of cheese, and the driver called the fire department.

"It's a very difficult fire once the cheese gets going," West Allis Fire Department Assistant Chief Kurt Zellmann told WTMJ. "We also had a diesel fuel tank on the refrigerated trailer rupture, so the combination of cheese and diesel fuel made for a pretty hot fire."

No one was hurt in the blaze, but unfortunately the truck and its cheese were a total loss. "I'm a little upset I didn't get here earlier," says one bystander. "I think I might want to rummage through it. We'll be eating good tonight if I can get some cheese."

"There's no cheese savable in that trailer," says Zellman.

Various types of food getting destroyed in hilarious ways during shipping mishaps is a surprisingly common thing. Last year a truck dumped hundreds of cases of MGD on a Denver-area freeway. Then there was this instant party when a truck hauling potato chips crashed into a beer truck, and that one time when a big-rig hauling a load of Popeye's biscuits rolled over on a Mississippi freeway.

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