Artist turns filthy Russian cars into rolling art exhibits

Dirty never looked so good.

Any place where cars get really dirty, like the rustbelt in winter time, it's common to see a quickly scrawled "wash me" or smiley face decorating the flank of a particularly filthy vehicle. Over in Russia, an artist in Moscow has taken this ephemeral graffiti to a whole new level by creating beautiful works of art on filthy sheet metal.

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According to My Modern Met, illustrator Nikita Golubev – known around Facebook and Instagram as ProBoyNick – recently started an ongoing guerrilla street art project wherein he draws amazing pictures on cars. Using mud, road grime, and soot as his pigments and parked cars and trucks as his canvas, Golubev has turned Moscow into a rolling, if unorthodox, installation. From the article, and what he's posted to Instagram, it looks like his primary targets are box vans and Sprinters. That makes sense seeing as how they have a lot of broad, flat surfaces to work with. He has, however, used smaller vehicles like a dark blue BMW on which he drew a pretty good shark.

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There's no word on how the owners of these vehicles feel about Golubev's work. On one hand, this kind of thing can really screw up a car's paint job. On the other hand, it certainly brings a little bit of joy to the long, bleak Russian winter, so it can't be all bad.

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