MG returned to its sports car roots at this year's Shanghai Auto Show with the E-Motion concept, which is an all-electric grand tourer. Under the skin, MG says it has a modular electric vehicle platform, and packs some impressive, if hypothetical, stats. Supposedly it will get to 62 mph in under 4 seconds, and can go about 310 miles on a full charge.

Aside from the electric powertrain, the MG has a very attractive, traditional GT shape. The prerequisite long hood and short rear deck are present, as are long graceful curves. The vertical taillamps, glass roof, and pert decklid spoiler are nice details. Unfortunately, the design is spoiled somewhat by the angular headlights, which, according to MG, are inspired by the London Eye ferris wheel, and the jutting chin below the grille.

Regardless, it's an attractive vehicle, and we would probably be more excited about it if we hadn't already seen the Buick Avista concept last year. Back-to-back, the E-Motion and Avista look strikingly similar. They have similar proportions, and both have the same theme of flowing, graceful curves. In detail, they each have curvaceous fenders, gently tapered rear windows, front fender vents, and similarly shaped side glass. We don't think MG intentionally copied Buick, but the similarity is undeniable.

As for when you might see a production version of this MG, it's anyone's guess. Right now, the company only sells a cheap hatchback and a cheap crossover. A low-volume, technologically advanced sports car doesn't exactly fit in with that lineup. However, if MG has a modular electric platform, that might show up in a more practical car down the line, and maybe a sports car after that.

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