Electric car owners in East Coast city centers will soon be able to take their EVs from hub to hub more easily. Nissan and EVgo have collaborated to install DC fast chargers along a 500-mile stretch of I-95 between Boston and Washington, D.C. A total of 50 chargers will be installed at 9 locations on the route, strategically positioned to get EV owners from city to city without too much hindrance.

The chargers are set for 50kW fast-charging, which Nissan says will charge a Leaf to 80 percent capacity in 30 minutes. They will also be capable of providing 150kW charging in the future. Both CHAdeMO and CCS connectors will be supported by these chargers, too. According to Nissan, the stations will be fully installed and operational this fall.

Even with the introduction of these fast chargers, a trip from Boston to D.C. might still be a long trip for some EV owners. If we take the aforementioned Nissan Leaf with a 107-mile range as an example, you would need to stop for a charge at least five times if you started the trip with a full battery. That's a minimum of 2½ extra hours added to the trip just for charging. Still, that's better than multiple overnight stops to recharge.

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