Chinese-Israeli carmaker Qoros is set to unveil its Model K-EV concept car this month at Auto Shanghai. It features a "Clever Carbon Cabin" making extensive use of, as the moniker suggests, carbon fiber. It has asymmetrical doors, with a large gullwing opening on the driver's side, and a passenger door that can open on two hinges like a conventional car or slide to the side. The cabin has two distinct cabin spaces, says Qoros, promising a comfortable ride for rear passengers.

The futuristic concept features an electric powertrain technology borrowed from the Koenigsegg Regera (Qoros and Koenigsegg have also developed other efficiency technology together though FreeValve, including camless engine tech that is making its way into Chinese vehicles). In addition to being durable, the extensive use of carbon fiber helps keep the weight down. This makes the Model K-EV more efficient, and thus helps to boost driving range. Its exterior is designed to reduce drag, which also helps make the most of battery capacity.

Qoros says that while the Model K-EV is a concept car, it will be the basis for a consumer car that will enter production in 2019. Hopefully we'll have more details after the car's debut.

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