It's no secret that making a movie as action packed and explosive (both literally and figuratively) as The Fate of the Furious is neither cheap nor easy. We had a chance to sit down with Dennis McCarthy, owner of Vehicle Effects in Sun Valley, California. McCarthy has been working on The Fast and Furious franchise for more than a decade, building and prepping hundreds of cars for the series. There's far more to it than simply sticking an actor behind the wheel of a cool car and calling it a day.

By this point, each character in the series has carved out a niche for a particular style of car. Dom's character is all about American muscle cars, particularly Mopar products. Letty's vehicles are eclectic but tough. Before his death, Paul Walker's character Brian was heavily into Japanese imports. In the latest film, there was a deliberate decision to have Dom drive a Plymouth GTX, not just a standard Road Runner or another Charger. Likewise, Letty's 1966 Chevrolet Corvette and Local Motors Rally Fighter were picked to fit her tough but varied style.

Watch the video to hear about what sort of modifications were made, including fitting a four-wheel drive system to the Rally Fighter, and how the producers worked with the Department of Defense on securing the Ripsaw from Howe and Howe Technologies.

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