For a while, Apple has been pursuing autonomous vehicle technology, but has more or less tried to keep the specifics of those ambitions under wraps. We did learn last fall that the company was killing off plans to build its own car, and clues about its program to develop a self-driving system popped up since. Today, though, we have more concrete information, as the California DMV has issued Apple a permit to test self-driving cars in the state, as TechCrunch reports.

In a document released by the DMV, the tech company joins a number of others in California with approval to test autonomous vehicles. Apple will test its systems on three cars, each a 2015 Lexus RX540h, with six approved drivers. Presumably, those cars will be on the road quite a bit, as gathering lots of data is crucial to developing a working system.

Per California rules, the company will have to provide accident reports, as well as a log of every instance that a human driver has to take over driving duties from the autonomous system in what the DMV calls a "disengagement report." Those reports will be made public, so we'll be able to glean a little more information about Apple's progress once they're available.

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