Lucid Air EV prototype hits 217 mph in testing

High-speed trials are crucial, says Lucid.

While preparing for the production of its upcoming Air luxury EV, Lucid Motors is turning its eye on the car's speed capabilities. Lucid says one of its prototypes has been relegated to high performance testing duty, and that the car in question has been fitted with a roll cage. You could say things are getting pretty serious.

Testing at TRC Ohio's oval track has yielded some interesting results, as reported by the manufacturer. According to Lucid, the so-called "Alpha Speed Car" is said to have reached speeds of 217 miles per hour, and that the top speed has been electronically limited. Lucid says oval track testing is crucial in finding areas in need of improvement that virtual or static testing could never uncover. Now that the prototype has been taken to its limits, Lucid can return to the test track with a hopefully improved car. Lucid also provided in-car video from the oval track day.

With a light jab presumably directed towards German Autobahns, Lucid says such high speeds are expected from the car's competitors. "The Lucid Air will compete with the best vehicles in the biggest markets around the world. In at least one of these markets, there is an expectation of high-speed cruising that we intend to satisfy."

Lucid also says being capable of 200+ mph isn't in contrast with its green values. "High-speed capability does not compromise our mission to develop a highly efficient vehicle. On the contrary, the focus on maximizing range provides the high power and aerodynamic efficiency that enables higher speeds." The Air is expected to achieve 100 miles per gallon equivalent, while the Ferrari LaFerrari returns 14 mpg combined.

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