A man in New Zealand had his day in court last week and was penalized for driving a motorized picnic table on city streets while drunk.

A young man from Dunedin, New Zealand, named Wade Bovey was charged with drunk driving, fined $750 (NZ), and was banned from driving for six months. Doesn't sound too crazy, right? Well, it's not the sentence that's newsworthy here, it's the vehicle. See, Bovey was picked up by Dunedin police and accused of operating a motorized picnic table while drunk.

(If you want to see the video of the drunken journey, you'll have to go to the New Zealand outlet Newshub, which did not share it. But it's worth the side trip if for no other reason than the soundtrack to the picnickers' travels is "Yakety Sax." In addition to driving, it appears Bovey was also the cameraman.)

Back in January, Bovey and a friend decided to take this fantastic machine, which Bovey had recently acquired, down to the local pub. On the way home, Bovey discovered that the picnic table, which was equipped with a roughly 400cc engine, didn't have enough grunt to climb the hill to Bovey's house. As he and his friend pushed the heavy contraption, a Dunedin police cruiser they'd passed pulled them over. At first, Bovey thought the cops were there to help push. Um, no. They were there to administer a breathalyzer test.

Bovey blew 678mcg per liter of breath, well over the 400mcg legal limit, and was immediately clapped in irons. We're not exactly sure how those numbers equate to a blood-alcohol level reading here in the States, but it sounds pretty high.

When asked if he had any further outings planned for the picnic table, Bovey said he'd already unloaded it.

''It was a bad idea getting it in the first place,'' he told the Otago Daily Times. ''I had my fun, got in trouble, sold it.''

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