It was a business model established some 25 years earlier by Honda. The Japanese carmarker was looking for a way to profit from loyal Honda owners wanting to move upscale, but not willing to move out of Honda's orbit. The launch of Acura and two models – the upscale Legend and accessible Integra – did the trick.

In the past five years, Korean carmaker Hyundai has been attempting to make its own move upmarket with its Genesis sedan and, more recently, the Genesis brand. In 2012, it was the Genesis coupe and 4-door; the coupe enjoyed an Infiniti-like vibe, while the sedan had a whiff of Mercedes in its sheetmetal and value in its window sticker. Available with V6 or V8 power and prices in the low $40s to low $50s, the Genesis four-door represented bargain luxury in an America gripped by recession.

Today, a pre-owned Genesis, like our example here, extends the value argument. If this Genesis has a V8, the price point is spot-on for an example in excellent condition. If, however, it's equipped with a V6, we'd hope the seller is flexible.

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