Is there a current American brand more "American" than Ford's Mustang? Chevy's Corvette may be America's sports car, and the Suburban is essentially America's SUV, but few things speak to America's far-reaching optimism and potential (new Shelby versions can sell for upwards of $80K!) than the ubiquitous Mustang. And an Autoblog reader has one for sale.

Conceived in the optimism of the swinging '60s, and launched at the New York World's Fair in the spring of '64, the new Mustang – constituting an all-new category – did everything in the market but push the Beatles off the charts. An impossibly large number were sold in its first year, and the iconic 2+2 motors on, 50-plus years later.

Substantially rebooted for the 40th anniversary in 2005, the Mustang – with both a standard V6 and callously quick V8 – remains a serious take on this uniquely American definition of an accessible GT. At that time the platform still featured a live rear axle, and interior plastics were just so much plastic, but there's no argument with its bang-for-the-buck. The Mustang was quick and/or fast (depending on spec), and would never have embarrassed you, whether parked at L.A.'s old Chasen's or a Dallas-area Chili's.

This "for sale" Mustang GT boasts a great color, what look to be decent cosmetics, and super-low miles for a car something north of a dozen years old. I'd do a pre-purchase inspection, make sure services are current, and then plan to drive it like I stole it. And with an asking price of $7,200, you have stolen it!

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