At a time when a new Toyota Tacoma can top $40,000, the purity of a base, rear-wheel drive Toyota with just 168,000 miles over its 27 years – and selling for $2,000 – can't be overstated. At that point Toyota had no aspirations beyond providing reliable, repairable transportation to those with an appreciation for affordable utility. In 1990, Toyota was producing the fifth generation of its now-iconic pickup, and the lack of pretense in this regular cab, 2WD Hilux is ageless.

Although only 'four cylinders' is referenced, we'll assume it's Toyota's 2.4-liter four, offering 113 horsepower and 142 pound-feet of torque. You might prefer a V6, 4WD and an Xtracab, but you have to appreciate the efficiency of four cylinders, a manual trans and nothing behind you but a small bed and blue sky. A bale of hay or mountain bike will fit, as will most Home Depot purchases. In the cab there's reasonable room for two, while a small adult can sit in the center of the modified bench.

Our featured model, located in Thomasboro, Ill., (just north of Champaign/Urbana), appears to be a well-maintained example of a notoriously robust truck. In the Snow Belt, a careful buyer would check for corrosion, and with 168,000 miles you should have an idea of its service history. But if looking for economical transportation at a price many can handle with a credit card, this particular Toyota would seem worth a careful look.

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