Volvo calls their "Volvo Rider" their smallest coupe ever. That is likely to be true, as the toddler-sized interpretation of their new design language is tiny indeed.

Depending of the carefulness of your offspring, you can either specify their new ride to be finished in silver or Crash Test Orange. Volvo says the vehicle is aimed at kids 1-3 years old, so after that it's time for them to start dreaming of a 1:1 scale model. Price-wise, it is directed towards buyers with at least $177 in their pocket.

The gauges are rudimentary and the PRND sticker hints the vehicle is automatic, but it also comes with a start-stop button just the right size for a small thumb. There are even working lights front and rear, for extra realism.

And if the shape looks familiar, the Volvo Rider is designed to mimic the XC Coupe concept. But the XC Coupe is still a show car, and you can actually buy a Rider. Now, will you fit in one?

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