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The Infiniti QX80 Monograph concept is fully revealed ahead of New York

The big Infiniti QX80, the largest SUV in the company's range and related to the Nissan Patrol sold around the world, is frankly in need of a facelift. The last time the big lug went under the knife was in 2014, and it was a pretty mild nip and tuck. The aging SUV was never much of a looker anyways, although it is certainly distinct. The Monograph concept, which is coming to the New York Auto Show next week, is a preview of where the QX80 is headed.

And as we saw in the teaser last week, this styling direction is an improvement. The headlights migrate higher on the front fascia, making the thing look a little less like a sad porpoise and more like a tech-heavy SUV with serious presence. Some of this is simply concept car fantasy, sure – note the lack of mirrors, a favorite concept car trope that'll be replaced by real mirrors for production. But as Infiniti says, the concept "illustrates how the design of INFINITI's QX80 could evolve".

Translation: expect the general shape and overall styling to make it to a production vehicle, unless somehow this concept gets roundly panned at the show. Since it seems to be an inarguable improvement over the current vehicle, the inevitable march towards production seems assured.

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