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If ever there was an automotive brand that had style, and by that I mean "American" style, it was Packard. If ever there was an automotive brand that was held in such high regard – globally – and then crashed and burned like few others, it was Packard. ...Oh what a horrible end to such a magnificent marque. It should never have happened...

That was then, and this is now.

I would love to see the Packard brand rise from the ashes, like the Phoenix, and once again claim its spot as one of the finest carmakers in the world. Yeah, there was a feeble effort a while back to do just that, but it was merely a mish-mash of Packard styling clichés applied to 1970s Detroit thinking. That attempt deserved to die, as it was no where near being "Packard-worthy."

No, what I'm talking about is an absolutely state-of-the-art car, but with all the class the Packard name deserves. Think Tesla meets Rolls-Royce: Tesla-like tech, but with all those wonderful Packard styling cues wrapped up in a RR Phantom-like limo – and 100-percent American. Yes, this would be positioned well above Cadillac and Lincoln.

As to models, start with a limousine. That will be the model that will grab one's attention (sorry sports car fans). Once that model is established, then offer other models. I think a RR-like portfolio is the way to go: large limo first, then slightly smaller sedan with coupe and convertible variants.

It's been almost a century since America has offered a car that can compete with the likes of Rolls-Royce, Bentley, etc. Maybe it time once again to go down that road. Surely there are enough American multi-millionaires/billionaires out there that would support such a venture.

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