It's almost April Fools' Day, and automotive pranks are afoot. Some people love it, others hate it. Lyft, as a company, is in the former camp. Only its gag is one of the few that are actually real, supposedly. It's also super weird, as The Verge details.

Lyft's Mono is a wearable gadget that you use to hitch a ride. Stick your thumb out, and motion sensors triggers the app to hail a ride. Magenta lights blink to tell you a car is on its way, and the blinking increases in speed as the driver approaches. It looks like some sort of futuristic exo-suit hand armor that was designed for a forgotten '80s sci-fi series. Check it out in the bizarre dance video above.

The company is being pretty cheeky about the product, which it says will see a limited release in mid-April. "With Mono," Lyft says, "we want to make the entire ridesharing process as seamless as possible, whether you're a bellman who can't whistle or a mom with her hands full; a nudist who needs a ride or a millennial who just can't even. Forget about screens, taps, and notifications. Just lift, request, and ride."

Lyft has a Mono microsite that offers more details and about it (note the appended URLs as you scroll down the page). And, we have to admit, the "Be unopposable" motto is actually the sort of groaner we hate to love. It's definitely an odd stunt, but one that's in good spirit. Surely a few people would love to get their hands on/in a Mono, if only for a laugh.

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