In a strange case of instant justice, a motorist in Virginia was able to catch and detain a suspected hit-and-run driver after hearing about the incident on a police scanner.

YouTuber Mikemmva was out and about on the afternoon of February 12 when, while listening to a police scanner app on his phone, he heard a report of a hit and run accident nearby. A blue Nissan Sentra had rear-ended a Honda Civic and fled the scene. Moments after he heard the report on the scanner, a blue Sentra with a smashed up front end and both airbags deployed in the cabin crept past him. With his phone camera rolling, Mikemmva chased the Sentra very slowly into a nearby apartment complex. The Sentra finally rolled to a stop across three parking spaces, and Mikemmva hopped out to confront the driver.

When confronted, the Sentra driver told our man that he'd been in a crash and that roadside assistance was on the way. He tried to blame the weather and a red light on the crash, but Mike could tell something was up.

"Are you high right now or something?" he asked the clearly impaired Sentra driver. To his credit, the Sentra Driver fessed up immediately. He also told Mike that he'd was going to wait in the parking lot until the cops arrived, but was hazy on the whole "hit and run" aspect of the incident.

Eventually, Loudon County Sheriff's deputies showed up and arrested the Sentra driver. He was charged with driving under the influence of drugs and felony hit-and-run.

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