Just as the original Top Gear USA followed in the footsteps of the Clarkson-led Top Gear, the ex-American show's hosts seem to be following the old UK hosts' lead. Former Top Gear USA host Rutledge Wood posted a picture to Instagram of him with co-hosts Tanner Foust and Adam Ferrara standing over some tire marks and in front of an American flag. The text below the image once again highlighted how much he enjoyed working on the show, which was recently canceled by History Channel. But in addition, he mentioned that the three of them have been working on a new project, along with the hashtags, "#MoreFunToCome" and "#Three Muskateers [sic]."

No other details were given, but we know they won't be hosting the rebooted Top Gear USA. It's already been announced that the BBC will restart that series with hosts William Fichtner, Antron Brown, and Tom Ford. Instead, the trio of Ferrara, Foust, and Wood will probably have a new show similar to The Grand Tour. And like all three other Top Gear-style shows, it will probably involve cars, challenges, and travel, and could appear on a network or online.

This does beg the question, will people want to watch four very similar car programs? Even though we gained The Grand Tour this past year, we lost two automotive shows in a similar amount of time: the aforementioned Top Gear USA, and the British show Fifth Gear. And of those two, Fifth Gear was genuinely unique thanks to more serious, consumer-advice focused car reviews and testing. Without the star-power of The Grand Tour or the established brand of Top Gear, this new project from Wood and friends may have some difficulty. But who knows, it could just as well turn out to be amazing and the new go-to automotive TV show. Time will tell.

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