Richard Hammond crashes a motorcycle during Grand Tour filming in remote Africa

While filming in Mozambique, The Grand Tour host Richard Hammond crashed his motorcycle, leaving him unconscious on the side of the road. While the accident isn't nearly as bad as the jet car mishap back in 2006, reports say Hammond and the team were far from anywhere that he could receive proper medical care. Hammond is at least well enough to post on his Drive Tribe page, saying "I've checked and I'm not dead."

Details on the accident are scarce, likely due to the remote nature of the location and the semi-secret nature of The Grand Tour's production. Grand Tour Nation says that Hammond was "traveling quite fast when he came off" the motorcycle. No word on whether he was wearing a helmet, though we'd be surprised if he wasn't given the previous incident. His 2006 accident left him in critical condition in the hospital with brain damage. The dragster he was driving for Top Gear flipped at around 288 mph.

On Drive Tribe, Hammond said the details of the accident will come out later this year as part of the show. It's unclear if this will cause any delay in filming. Although the trio of Richard Hammond, Jeremy Clarkson, and James May initially avoided discussing Hammond's first accident on Top Gear, footage and details were eventually shown to the public.

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