Here's a quick tip for future rail travelers. If the tracks at the platform are buried under snow, consider standing back when the train arrives. The people at this station learned this tip the hard way.

As the video above shows, an Amtrak train is coming into the Rhinecliff-Kingston station in New York where the tracks are absolutely buried in snow. There's so much of it that it's actually about a foot above where the platform is. It's not enough to stop the train, which pushes through without too much issue. But the snow has got to go somewhere, and that somewhere is where everyone is waiting.

Huge clouds of white powder power through the platform, engulfing everyone in its wake. Though it doesn't seem to knock anyone over, there's still some visible force behind the snow cloud. You can see the lady with the bags turning to avoid the snow, and you can catch a glimpse of her hat being knocked askew.

We do have to wonder if the train operator could have slowed down a bit to mitigate the effects of his massive snow plow. In any case, something to keep in mind for next time...

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