Tesla still hasn't come up with a proper dashboard for the Model 3, it seems. That is what we can grasp from a frame grab of this short video, which shows a silver Model 3 driving around some office buildings in Hawthorne, Calif. The video came from Unplugged Performance, a company whose neighbors are SpaceX and Tesla's Design Studio.

Tesla watchers say the car is an alpha prototype that has been seen before, not a beta production test car. But Reuters reported pre-production trials started last month.

Tesla is still saying assembly of the new, cheaper EV will begin in July, and by September, Tesla expects to be churning out the car by the thousands, for the hundreds of thousands who have reserved one. But Goldman Sachs analyst David Tamberino has said the July deadline is likely to be missed.

Another thing visible in the video is that the slightly peculiar-looking nose is unchanged from when the Model 3 was first unveiled almost a year ago. Tesla hasn't disclosed yet whether there will be significant changes to the Model 3 production versions, but after the car's initial presentation, Elon Musk did say that criticisms and comments are welcome. Some took that as an invitation to submit improved nose designs.

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