This Tesla looks like it was ripped out of a comic book

Or a cel-shaded video game.

Enthusiasts and non-enthusiasts often like to personalize their cars to make them stand out, but in the case of this Tesla Model S it looks a bit flat. That's intentional: Burnie Burns, the man in charge of web video company Rooster Teeth, had his car done up in a cel-shaded wrap. You may know the company for its long-running series Red vs. Blue.

In the video embedded above, Burns talks about how he was inspired by a company that makes cartoon-inspired accessories. They have bold lines showing the outlines, and bright, matte colors. He wanted to apply the same idea to his Model S P90 D, and enlisted the help of one of the company's designers. The end result is Tesla finished in a bright, matte yellow, with lower sections in darker shades, and black lines highlighting various body contours. It's a nifty effect.

You can see the whole process of applying the wrap, and the reactions of Rooster Teeth employees upon seeing it. We think the car would be a perfect fit in a new version of little-known racing game Auto Modellista, which features "cel-shaded" graphics to create a cartoon aesthetic. We also look forward to seeing if this idea catches on with other car enthusiasts.

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