The new Alpine A110 won't be sold in the United States

Alpine is focusing on Europe and Japan.

If you had been entertaining the idea of buying a new, racing blue Alpine A110 instead of a, say, Porsche Cayman, there is some bad news for you – it won't be reaching the American shores. In an interview with LeftLane, Alpine CEO Bernard Ollivier said the company is focusing on other markets instead of the States.

"At the moment we are not planning on selling the A110 in the U.S. Relaunching the brand is a big project. Right now we're focusing on markets like Europe and Japan," said Ollivier. It's a sad, but understandable decision: There is little awareness of the Renault-backed brand in North America, unless you count the licensed Dinalpin versions of the original A110, built in Mexico.

But in Europe, demand for the new 252-horsepower aluminum-bodied coupe is strong. There is an initial, limited 1,955-unit production run of launch specification cars, and most of these Première Édition cars were already sold before the veil came off the car at the Geneva show. In the UK, the first cars are priced at £50,000 or $60,000; a Porsche 718 Cayman starts in the UK at less than £40,000.

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