New Leaf sales start this year; some leases extended for free

Some owners could receive courtesy payments to bridge the gap.

We're all eager to see the next-generation Nissan Leaf. With a new version of the popular EV somewhere on the horizon, current owners have even more reason to be anxious for the new arrival, especially if their lease runs out soon. There's good news for that group. Nissan tells us that it will reveal the new Leaf in September, with sales beginning by the end of the year

Nissan, of course, wants to keep its Leaf drivers in Leafs. That's why select owners will be getting an email from the company offering a lease extension to bridge the gap between the end of their current lease and the launch of the new Leaf. They'll also be placed on a priority list when the new car becomes available. Eligible customers could even see three months of their lease payments waived by Nissan while they wait to get the keys to their new EV.

Details about the car itself are still pretty scarce, but Nissan promises more information about the new Leaf "in the coming months." We do know that it will employ Nissan's ProPilot technology, which offers some autonomous capabilities under certain driving conditions. The possibilities for a range boost or a new ( 60 kWh?) battery pack are still up for speculation. Spy shots offer a small glimpse of certain visual tweaks.

So while the waiting game for the all-new Leaf continues, the timeline has been set, and anxious owners who are looking forward to upgrading will certainly appreciate this extra bit of continuity from Nissan.

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