Although most people will have to wait until November indefinitely to play Gran Turismo Sport, some lucky PlayStation Network (PSN) members will get a chance to play it early. Polyphony Digital, the developer behind the racing game series, announced that it will launch a closed beta of the game on March 17. For the first phase of the beta, only PSN users in the US will be invited, and the lucky recipiants' invitations will arrive in their accounts' inboxes. According to the company, this is because "the time differences across the U.S. are best matched to the development team in Tokyo."

The company will start inviting people from other regions later, though an exact time frame wasn't given. According to Polyphony, users on the PlayStation Europe forum will receive invites, and there will be some people that are sent direct emails with invites. Even if you miss out on these first two parts of the beta, the company says there will be additional beta testing opportunities in the future.

Gran Turismo Sport Beta driver profile

The beta itself won't consist of the full game. Instead, players will have a variety of races with different courses and vehicle requirements from which they can pick. The events on offer will change daily. Testers, and players of the full game when it's released, will also have a driver profile that measures each individual's performance and conduct during events. The company says this will help make sure players aren't blown away by more experienced racers, and that the experienced racers still get a challenge. It should also help them avoid races with users who think they're playing Burnout. Based on an image shown by Polyphony, it appears the profile will also keep track of how much racing you do, and will reward you for racing more. There also seem to be some social media options to keep track of what your friends and rivals are up to.

The full game will feature 139 cars and 19 course configurations. Not only that, but it will feature the opportunity to earn real-world FIA racing licenses, and the beautiful Fittipaldi EF7 by Pininfarina. And from our own early look, it should be highly enjoyable.

Editor's Note: An earlier version of this article stated that Gran Turismo Sport would be released in November. The game has been delayed indefinitely.

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