The 2017 Geneva Motor Show was the highlight of the last year for auto shows. It was far and away the best, with the most interesting, newsworthy, and flat-out gorgeous cars. From General Motors selling Opel and Vauxhall on the eve of the show to RUF resurrecting the Yellow Bird, it all happened on neutral turf in Switzerland. Ferrari, Ford, the amazing tuners and watchmakers – we saw it all. We obsessively covered it, indeed.

The Dodge Demon, Jeep Trackhawk, and Toyota FT-4X are the spotlight reveals, so far.

Where to find the Big News in the Big Apple.

Aerodinamica Lamborghini Attiva looks like a major step forward in automotive performance.

We spoke with Lex Kerssemakers and Thomas Ingenlath in Geneva.

Volvo is far from dead in the US.

We curate the sexiest Italian cars from the Geneva Motor Show, with examples from Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Pininfarina, and more.

Horacio Pagani himself explains how.

The powerful roadster turns heads in its own right.

All together now. Feast your eyes.

You know you just want to see the pictures.

Alois Ruf explains why his company ressurected its icon.

The time was right for an encore.

It was a tough vote for this year's Geneva show, with a lot of crazy and cool stuff to choose from.

Mercedes performance brand's director explains expansion, from line-built engines to the Hypercar.

There are more than 40 AMG models currently.

The MSO 720S Velocity shows how you can customize your car

It's one of five custom examples of the car.

A divine resurrection of a historic name.

Designing a new Ferrari with a nod to the past.

They're called the Vantage AMR Pro and Rapide AMR

They're higher-performance versions of Aston's already high-performance cars.

Spyder debuts at Geneva Motor Show.

It actually makes a lot of sense, when you think about it.

Only 250 will be built.

It's shorter than a Miata, and has more power.

Elegant leather, long, graceful curves, and 800 horsepower.

Batteries and a "micro-turbine generator" provide electric power.

Sedan and wagon are for haulin'.

The BMW 5 Series gets the Alpina treatment.

Buick Regal's twin debuts days after GM sells off Opel.

Not your father's Buick, er, Opel.

Does your car have vertical takeoff and landing capabilities?

Airbus is involved, and they actually know a thing or two about flying machines.

Less downforce but more power and stickier tires results in quicker lap times.

Will the Rogue Sport get them too?

Meet the Euro-spec Rogue Sport.

Me and the babies make 3 in the year 2030.

Three seats, all electric.

With 500 horses, this is your answer to turbo ubiquity.

It’s a fantasy that also came true.

With the magic of Pininfarina's styling, Emmo creates a winner.

753 horsepower of V12 Biturbo goodness.

Lose the roof, lighten the car. Right?

It's called the XV in Europe.

The mini-crossover inherits all the benefits of the latest Impreza, including a stiff new chassis that promises drastically improved driving dynamics.

Only a few horsepower shy of the V8-powered LS 460.

Still no word on fuel economy, but expect significant improvements.

New iteration breaks new ground to mark 30th anniversary of the Yellowbird.

Last week, we gave you a preview of this car. Well, here it is.

The name's the same as MB's hottest coupe

0-60 in under 3 seconds.

Say goodbye to Audi's naturally aspirated 4.2-liter V8, and hello to its new 2.9-liter biturbo V6.

Although these pictures show the Euro-spec model, to be clear.

A turbocharger and obligatory i-VTEC.

The lack of styling was on purpose, we promise.

It weighs less and has stiffer suspension than normal Huracáns, too.

Rolls-Royce used 1,000 of the gems for the unique finish.

It looks a lot like a little XC90.

Hello, Hammer of Thor headlights.

A twin-turbo coupe concept with F1 performance tech.

In the US, it'll feature a choice of two Ingenium four-cylinders or the supercharged gas V6.

It's 5 seconds quicker on the 'Ring than the Porsche 918 Spyder.

Smashing the record set by the Lamborghini Aventador LP750-4 SV.

For an interesting twist, the front and rear seats are different colors.

That ought to come in handy when you activate drift mode.

The upcoming XC60 will add crash-avoidance steering features.

Volvo, take the wheel!

Standard all-wheel drive joins a 1.5-liter turbo engine.

It will only have one drivetrain in the US: a turbo 1.5-liter engine connected to a CVT and AWD.

Using the Internet of Things of course.

It features two normal driving modes and two autonomous driving modes.

More angles of Pininfarina's other Geneva star.

Smaller engine, same power (or more, depending on how you count).

Nearly 200 horsepower from 1.5-liters.

If you have the means, Aston can probably build it.

German tuners can get wild too.

Look for the car at Geneva.

And yes, we think it looks a little like a GT-R, too.

This thing just looks plain nuts.

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