You know those action movies where Vin Diesel or the Rock hangs on for dear life on the undercarriage of a speeding truck? This story's like that, except the action hero is an orange cat.

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune reports that long-haul trucker Paul Robertson, of St. Paul, was sleeping at a rest area in Ohio recently when his cat Percy stepped on a power window switch and escaped the cab. Robertson searched in vain, while his Facebook followers called local animal shelters. One friend showed up to help search in rain and lightning. But Percy had crawled someplace dry.

A winter storm was moving in, and Robertson faced a delivery deadline. "I felt hollow and low and terrible," he told the Star-Tribune. "But I couldn't be days late because my cat went missing."

So eventually Robertson took off, driving 400 miles of bad-mood road before arriving in Shoals, Indiana. Which is where Percy emerged from beneath the 18-wheeler.

"He was cold and miserable and a bit wide-eyed ... he stinks like 400 miles of bad road and old truck ... but somehow this amazing animal rode with me all day today hanging onto the undercarriage!" Robertson wrote on Facebook. Percy's only injury was an eye infection after being bombarded with dirt and road salt.

"This is the feel-good story of 2017," Robertson told the paper. "If ever a moment felt like a gift from God, it was then."

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