A longtime Ferrari salesman is accusing a Palm Beach dealership of using Ferrari's DEIS diagnostic tester tool to reset a 2015 LaFerrari's odometer, driving the supercar's value up by over $1 million.

The lawsuit alleges that in October 2015, a technician at New Country Motor Cars reset the digital odometer of the LaFerrari in exchange for cash from its then-owner. What makes the lawsuit especially interesting is that it says using the DEIS tester to perform a rollback would require logging in with Ferrari North America, and alleges the technician was on the phone with Ferrari NA during the operation. The odometer-tampering allegation came up as part of the plaintiff's wrongful-termination claim against New Country Motor Cars.

The lawsuit also alleges the tester has been used for this purpose beginning in April 2010, along with a written Ferrari policy manual and instructions and factory authorization, and was performed as recently as March 2015 during official Ferrari factory technician training in Italy.

Odometer tampering is a dodgy business and a federal crime, no matter whether you're turning back the reading of an old taxi or a Ferrari worth millions. The lawsuit was first reported by the British Daily Mail, and subsequently covered by Jalopnik. The lawsuit has produced a countersuit by the owner of the LaFerrari in question.

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