Will that roller coaster have a Ludicrous Mode? That's what some Tesla workers may be asking after Tesla chief Elon Musk said some improvements may be in store that will make it more fun to work at the electric-vehicle maker's Fremont, Calif., factory. All for the sake of non-unionization, of course.

Musk said the plant may get an "electric pod car roller coaster" ferrying workers to and from the plant's parking lots as well as through the factory itself, Buzzfeed reported, citing an e-mail Musk sent to employees last week. Sure, the Great America theme park is 11 short miles away, but why spend a bundle to go there when you can have a similar experience at the office?

Additionally, Musk said he'd add amenities such as frozen yogurt machines where workers can get free desserts. Party time.

Roller coasters notwithstanding, Musk is looking to stave off the possibility of his workers unionizing at the plant, specifically with the United Auto Workers (UAW). Musk has argued that a Tesla worker can make as much as $25,000 per year more than workers in similar positions at other U.S. automakers. He also has denied a recent assertion from a Tesla factory worker that long hours forced much of his team to go on medical leave at the same time.

Of course, Tesla is trying to meet a July deadline to start producing its Model 3. One Goldman Sachs analyst recently downgraded the company's stock because he believed Tesla was unlikely to meet that deadline. With roller coasters and free fro yo in store, however, maybe Musk is looking to buy a little insurance on that.

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