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Here's the BMW i8 Spyder WITH its roof

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Just a couple of weeks ago, we got our very first glimpse of the long-awaited BMW i8 Spyder. It was out testing with its targa-style top removed. Now we have even better shots of the car with a removable top in place.

That top happens to be a fabric covered piece that fills the space between the windshield header and the seat cowls. It also helps retain the i8's futuristic supercar lines, though the fabric does look a bit last century. We imagine this could be a temporary top that can be stowed in the car, while another, possibly glass, roof could also be installed for a more finished design.

Aside from the top, everything else looks to be standard i8 on this car. The body generally remains the same, and there don't appear to be any major updates to the lights, grilles, or other easily updated body panels. The only major difference seems to be some extra slats in the hood extractor vent. We expect the production vehicle to be revealed soon, and the car is due to start production next year.

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