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A new BMW 8-Series and many M models in the works, according to leaked codes

BMW 8 Series
BMW 8 Series / Image Credit: KGP Photography
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The folks at the BMW forum Bimmerpost have been busy. One of the members posted a document, presumably from the Bavarian automaker, that contains 177 pages of model names and codes that could indicate what BMW is planning on releasing in the near future. After digging through the single-spaced pages, he found a number of interesting highlights.

Among the ones that stood out to us were the array of performance vehicles. Hotter versions of the M2 and M4 are listed as the M2 Competition and the M4 CS. The former could be the M2 Performance Edition, which we've confirmed is coming, or perhaps something else. The M4 CS may be an expansion or continuation of the limited run available in Spain last year. Two of the other interesting M models mentioned were the X3 M and an all-wheel-drive version of the M5. Both would be firsts for the company, and we've seen M5 prototypes testing with four driven wheels.

There are a number of other interesting models listed. It seems the odd BMW 5 Series GT will soldier on, and the i3 is getting an "s" trim, which could indicate a sportier model, or possibly something with greater range. Perhaps most interesting is the listing of 8 Series models. The listing is the latest evidence that BMW has a flagship luxury coupe on the way. BMW has previously filed trademarks for the vaunted coupe, and large two-door prototypes have been spotted out and about.

We've also taken a look at the document, too, and found some other odd inclusions. For instance, there are listings for older BMW models. On the very last page is a mention of the E30 BMW 3 Series with the name "Classic" next to it. The first generation R50 BMW Mini Cooper is also listed. There's plenty to look through, too, so if you feel like hunting some other unusual model listings, head over the Bimmerpost board and download the document.

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