It seems Ford is out to make the new Expedition the ultimate mobile entertainment system. In addition the already announced onboard wi-fi hotspot, which Ford says will support up to 10 devices at once, the company is offering yet another way to watch your media. Using the wi-fi and a built-in app called SlingPlayer, you'll be able to watch live TV in the back of your Expedition.

The SlingPlayer app works with a device called a Slingbox, from a company called Sling Media. Basically you hook up your cable or satellite TV box to the Slingbox, which can then send the TV signal over the internet to any device of your choosing, provided it has the SlingPlayer app. And obviously in this case, the device is the Ford Expedition, which sends the signal to the monitors on the backs of the front seat head rests.

Aside from the Expedition's TV streaming capability, Ford had one other announcement concerning in-car entertainment. This time it's the removal of a media option: The upcoming EcoSport crossover will not offer a physical CD player. The company cites a Nielsen report that shows CD sales continue to drop, and Ford further states that Millennials are much more interested in using digital music files or streaming services. In lieu of CD playback, Ford says it has used the space for a cargo bin, and it also offers an available wi-fi hotspot.

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