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Dodge Demon test mule spotted wearing unusual camouflage

Sure, that's a real Liberty Walk kit...

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The Dodge Demon apparently refuses to stay under wraps. The endless rollout of teasers continues each Thursday, but thanks to both Vin Diesel and our trusty spy photographer we have a whole suite of photos that show a nearly complete car in the flesh. This car appears to have been hiding in plain sight, as some of these photos were captured in the Detroit area.

The car or cars in these photos is far less polished than the one shown in all of Dodge's teasers. The Air Grabber hood is unpainted, though it does come with some awesome hood pins. The same goes for the bolt-on fenders, as other pictures show a cleaner integration of the Demon's widebody modification.

Despite the large Nitto logo on the top of the windshield, the cars in these photos are both wearing a set of Pirelli PZero All-season Plus tires on non-Demon wheels. It's as if drag radials aren't the best choice for winter driving. This car is fitted with two-piece Brembo brakes, but there's no telling if they're different than the standard Hellcat's.

The decals on the side of the car may give clues to some of the Demon's equipment, but based on the LB Performance - commonly known as Liberty Walk- logo, the decals are likely more of a ruse than anything else. Liberty walk is famous in the tuning community for big, bolt-on body kits. The looks perfectly suit these test cars, though Borla exhaust and a Hurst shifter would be a wonderful addition to the Demon.

Outside of that, there isn't much new to glean from these photos. Most of our questions about the Demon (horsepower, gearing, price) can't be had from pictures. Look for more news each Thursday in the lead up to the car's debut in New York in April.

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