Tesla Motors released its fourth quarter 2016 earnings report to shareholders this afternoon, and for the most part things look good in the world of Elon. Despite missing a few expected targets, on average the company performed as or better than expected, even with the controversial acquisition of Solar City.

Revenue for the quarter was expected to be $2.201 billion with a loss of $0.13 per share, but Tesla delivered a higher revenue $2.284 billion, but missed with a loss of $0.78 per share. Full-year revenue was up 73 percent over 2015 at $7 billion. The company's cash balance grew by $300 million.

On the production front, Tesla expects to sell up to 50,000 Model S and X vehicles combined in the first half of 2017. That could mean up to a 71 percent improvement over the first half of 2016. The company also told investors that battery production has started at the new Gigafactory, and that Model 3 production is still on track for July with full-scale production starting in September. That means some owners should expect to see their cars by the end of the year.

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