Buy a new NSX and you can put the badges on as it rolls off the line in Ohio

A new program lets NSX buyers tour the factory and lend a hand.

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Acura announced today that new NSX owners now have an opportunity to see their cars being built at the Performance Manufacturing Center (PMC) in Marysville, Ohio. At the starting price of $2,700, owners can participate in the "NSX Insider Experience" in which they'll tour the factory, as well as the Honda Heritage Center. The latter of which houses a HondaJet, an iteration of ASIMO, Honda's famous humanoid robot, and other pieces of Honda history. Owners on the tour also have the chance to talk with people on the assembly line about how it all comes together, and can even install the badges on their very own cars.

If that's not enough, Honda offers a few other optional extras to make the trip special. They can add a tour of the factory in Anna, Ohio, where the NSX engines are made, as well as sign up for a performance driving experience in a new NSX. The driving portion is available in two- and four-hour sessions, and it takes place at the Transportation Research Center, which doubles as Acura's NSX proving grounds. Of course these extras will add to the cost, as will bringing guests.

Honda even offers help with travel planning through Acura Concierge. The service can book your flight and other travel arrangements. It will also allow you to stay at the special NSX suite at the Joseph Hotel in Columbus, Ohio. Acura didn't go into detail as to what makes the suite specific to the NSX, but we're sure it's a nice place nonetheless. NSX owners interested in the program should check out the program's website, here. For people without the means to buy an NSX, you can still get a look into the factory by checking out our visit to the facility.

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