The 2017 Dodge Charger Pursuit will always watch your back

Police cruisers spend the majority of their life parked and idle, waiting for the call to action. A parked car is a vulnerable one, especially when there may be incentive to disable or destroy that vehicle. FCA has worked with InterMotive, Inc., to supply safety technology that will detect movement behind the vehicle through the combined use of radar and the rear-view camera. Even better, FCA is putting this tech in every 2017 Dodge Charger Pursuit at no extra cost.

According to InterMotive, the Officer Protection Package is designed to help awareness with an officer is parked and working inside the vehicle. The system will provide an alert if there is anyone moving behind the vehicle to ambush the officer. The system plugs into the OBDII port and is secured under the dash. The device can then be manually switched on. This triggers the rear parking sensors to activate and. If any movement is detected, the officer can look behind the car through the rear-view camera. The system will automatically lock the doors, roll up the windows and flash the taillights.

No word on how much the system will cost for non-2017 vehicles, but it is available for order right now.

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