Oldest living American WWII vet is a confirmed Ford man

And yes, he still drives.

At 110-years-old, Richard Overton is the oldest living United States Army veteran in the world. Born in Bastrop County, TX, in 1906, Overton served as a combat engineer in the South Pacific with the 1887th Engineer Aviation Battalion. Today, Overton resides in Austin where he lives independently in the house he built in 1945.

"I still walk, I still talk, and I still drive," he told a documentary film crew in the 2016 documentary film Mr. Overton. That last part may be the most surprising thing of all. To this day, Overton drives his immaculate '70s-era Ford F-100 Custom almost every day. While a centenarian driving an old American V8 is pretty surprising, Overton told the filmmakers that he'd recently renewed his drivers license and when he went to the Department of Motor Vehicles he passed every test.

"Everything they give me now I pass it," he said. "I feel good going on driving. I like to drive myself, 'cause other drivers, they drive crazy."

Overton also told the filmmakers a little about his automotive history, including the first time he ever saw a car.

"I remember when a man got his first Ford. And we heard that he was gonna get a car. We didn't know what a car was. We'd heard about it, but we never would come to town much." He also talks about his very first car, a Model T with a hand crank.

The documentary is short and definitely worth a watch, especially if you're interested in watching a 100-year-old man smoke cigars, drive trucks, and talk about the old days.

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