A woman driving through the parking lot of a New Jersey Target last week was surprised when one of the spherical red bollards that guard the store's doors rolled into the parking lot and smashed into her Nissan.

According to WABC, the unidentified driver drove his truck up on to the sidewalk of the Target store in the Bergen Town Center Outlet Mall and bumped one of the large bollards that protect each Target store's entrance. The bollard, a two-ton ball of red-painted concrete, broke free and rolled into the parking lot just as Eileen Grady drove by in her year-old Nissan Rogue.

"All of a sudden I hear this crash and a really loud noise," Grady told WABC. After the bollard hit Grady's car, suffered some damage to her driver's door and a flat tire to the tune of $3,500, it careened away. Thankfully, the runaway bollard was quickly corralled by a passerby and his dog.

After the incident, Grady figured that Target's insurance company would cover the damages to her Nissan, but she was quickly denied once she filed her claim. Grady told WABC that she intends to file against Target in small claims court to settle the issue.

Strange, ostensibly immovable objects coming unmoored and wreaking havoc with cars is more common than you might think. Most of them aren't two-ton concrete balls, though. Way back in September, a giant balloon painted up like the moon broke free in high winds and terrorized a Chinese city. There was also the giant duck that rampaged through a series of Glasgow car lots.

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