Update 2: Alfa Romeo keeps rolling out the Super Bowl ads. The post has been changed to include the third ad and information about it.

Update: Alfa Romeo had not one, but two new Super Bowl commercials, and this post has been edited to include the second one.

Alfa Romeo's Super Bowl commercial talks about the things we've dreamed of since we were kids, like riding on dragons and flying cars. It also covers the various life lessons many of us learn, including how to be true to oneself. All the while, images of childhood, growing up, and vintage Alfa Romeos are spliced together.

It covers some heartwarming ground, but it's all a bit broad and borderline vague. The idea seems to be that Alfa as a company has learned the same lessons we do growing up, and that it all pays off with its new models.

The second ad is much better, and is all about Alfa's strengths: driving enjoyment, passion, and other cliched Italian automotive characteristics. It shows a new Giulia Quadrifoglio cruising some gorgeous mountain roads, and the driver talking about being one with the vehicle and loving the experience. The bit about letting something go if you love it was cheesy, but this was a commercial that really showed what Alfa Romeo is all about, and we liked it. Check it out above.

Alfa's third Super Bowl ad of the night continues what the second one started. This one focuses on the most powerful Giulia's beauty, and, well, power. It's apparently both breath-taking and breath-giving. Check out the commercial above.

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