A New York man filmed himself leading Florida police on a merry chase while riding his ATV back in January, uploaded the video to the internet, and was promptly arrested by the New York Police Department. The system works.

According to CBS Miami, Wilfredo Garcia, Jr. attended an event called Wheels Up, Guns Down, a South Florida biker event held in Hollywood, FL, in January. During his visit to sunny Florida, Garcia hooned around on an ATV and eventually led Hollywood Police on a chase through town while filming it all. He got away from the HPD and eventually made it home to New York, where he made the mistake of uploading the video to the Internet. Within days he was picked up by the NYPD for reckless driving and fleeing and eluding police.

"Through investigative techniques, Hollywood Police Officers researched social media and found video Garcia posted while he was driving an ATV on SR 7 during the "Wheels Up, Guns Down" ride," said an HPD spokesperson. "Detectives contacted NYPD, who then arrested Garcia in the early morning of January 25, 2017 at his residence in New York."

Garcia is currently cooling his heels at Rikers Island, awaiting extradition to Florida. Hollywood Police Chief Tomas Sanchez told NBC 6 that this kind of reckless tomfoolery will not stand in Southern Florida.

"This will not be tolerated here in South Florida or in the City of Hollywood and we will stop at nothing to bring these people to justice and show them it's not okay to come down here on vacation and behave in a lawless manner."

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