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Land Rover will make that brand-new classic Range Rover you always wanted

The initial run is limited to 10 restorations.

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Some time ago, Land Rover Classic announced a "Reborn" program, which consists of classic, factory-restored Land Rovers offered for sale and backed with a factory warranty. It's the closest you get to buying a new 60-year-old Land Rover Series 1, at price that's probably more than a perfectly-preserved example. Now the company is following up with the same treatment for the Range Rover.

As with the Series 1 effort, the latest restoration project is a limited run. Land Rover will only refurbish 10 examples of the original Range Rover. The first in this line is a three-door 1978 model of the original luxury SUV, it will be show in public at the Rétromobile classic car show. The Bahama Gold paint color especially suits the Charles "Spen" King design, but it is likely other period correct-colors will be made available. The proto-SUV is powered by the Buick-derived 3.5 liter V8 producing 132 horsepower with its Zenith-Stromberg carburetors.

As with the earlier 25 Reborn Series 1 vehicles, the Reborn Range Rovers will also be carefully selected from restorable candidates and made to correctly correspond to their original factory specifications, down to whatever "unique characteristics" the vehicles were originally ordered with. Again, the pricing is about as steep as the inclines the Range Rovers are able to climb; the restored vehicles will start at £135,000 GBP or 170,000 USD.

At the Parisian Salon Rétromobile show, held from February 8th to 12th, Jaguar Land Rover will also present a factory-restored E-Type Fixed Head Coupe and a continuation series Jaguar XKSS.

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