The McLaren 650S is an excellent vehicle, but it's time for a replacement. We've seen spy shots of said replacement before, codenamed P14 and expected to be called the 720S, but not the finalized car fully uncovered. Thanks to an Instagram user known as Lamborghiniks, that changes today. Take a look:

WOW!! Congratulations are in order!!!! This image has recently leaked of the upcoming McLaren 720S aka P14. This will be the all new successor to the McLaren 650S. I have heard for a while now that this car is going to be amazing but now I am even more excited for its official debut at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show!!! Just look at it! 😍 Hey @mclarenauto @frank_stephenson @robert_melville @jamesbanksesq - Well Done Gentlemen!! Take a bow. You have earned it. This is next level!! 👏👏👏👏👏👏😍👍 See you guys at Geneva! Photographer is unknown. The 2017 Geneva Motor Show is only 39 days away!!! I cannot wait to see this stunning masterpiece in person!! 🙏😆🙏 🏎💨 ______________________________________________________________ #McLaren #720S #McLaren720S #P14 #McLarenP14 #P1 #MSO #McLarenP1 #NoIAmNotPostingThisTryingToGetTheBP23 #AlreadyRejectedAndRightfullySo #675LT #688HS #P14 #570S #BP23 #F1 #BruceMcLaren #FrankStephenson #AstonMartin #Lamborghini #Ferrari #Porsche #GT2RS #Pagani #Koenigsegg #488 #Huracan #HuracanPerformante #England #WOW #BLESSED

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Like all modern McLarens short of the P1, the name is significant. It's a sure indicator that the 720S will make 720 metric horsepower (PS), or roughly 710 horsepower on the SAE scale. That's within the realm of possibility, since the 675LT makes 666 hp just fine thanks to a tweaked version of the standard, Ricardo-developed 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8. The 720S might have to stuff another couple of radiators in its underoos somewhere, but it shouldn't have much trouble producing more than 700 hp.

You'll notice quite a divergence between the 650S (and its predecessor, the MP4-12C) and this car. For one, it ditches trademark boomerang-shaped headlights for ovoid units stuffed inside a deep triangular vent that also appears to house the turn signals or marker lights. And there's the roofline – it's not body colored, for one, and it also dives into the rear bodywork more sharply. It gives it a bit of a fighter jet bubble canopy look, or perhaps its reminiscent of a Pagani's roofline. Either way, it's different. And unlike the 650S, there's no ductwork behind the door. Instead, the door is accentuated by a blade of sorts protruding from the fender just behind the front wheels. It recalls the three-dimensionality of the 570-series cars' door ductwork without necessarily echoing its shape. The bottom line is that the 720S represents a big external styling departure and may set the tone for all McLarens moving forward.

The car will officially be revealed at the Geneva Motor Show, so we can expect more details and better photos then. Stay tuned!

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